8. Champion of Change or Advertising’s Suffragette?

Given that fact that Australia gave women the right to vote 115 years ago, you’d think that any debate around gender equality would be, if not done and dusted, then at least a fair way down the track.
Yet for some industries, the gap between men and women is not just wide open, but showing little sign of closing. And whilst most of those industries and workplaces are generally from what we traditionally called “man’s work”, this interview is not with someone trying to break any glass ceilings in the Army or at our mines or ports, or even driving large semi-trailers across the Nullabour.
Remarkably, gender inequality is prevalent in the advertising business, most notably in terms of creative leadership.
And it’s got to the stage where a number of people (women and men) have decided to do something about it…
So what does an advertising suffragette look like in 2017?
Let’s find out…